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 The origin of the wedding





Although occasion dresses the wedding is the world since ancient times there is a ceremony, but the bride wore a wedding dress at the wedding but not to the history of 200 years. Wedding dress should be the prototype of the new moon to 1550 BC ancient Greece minoxidil three generations of the aristocratic dynasty worn bare chest, sleeves to the elbow, chest, waist position by a thread in the breast below under dressed bell 1700 BC dress, overall tight fit of the garment.

Now the bride wore a white silk dress hem dragged to the ceremony was originally a Catholic service. Since ancient times some European countries are theocratic state system, people get married have to go to church for the priest or pastor's prayer and blessing, this can be considered formal legal marriage, so the ceremony the bride wore white clothes to God, sincerity and purity. West of the 19th century before, when young girls get married there is no uniform discount wedding dresses worn by the bride dress color specifications, until 1840, when Britain's Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria, 1819-1901) married, put on dressed by the beautiful Chinese brocade production and a white dress, trailing up to 18 feet, and accompanied by a white veil, pure white from head to toe stunning the audience.

But before the wedding of Queen Victoria, the British royal family is wearing a wedding dress are the crown jewel, accompanied by silver jewelry studded evening dress, traditional dress Waipi a fur coat. She's this amazing feat, apart from the stunning, but quickly became a major fashion widespread, western wedding the bride wore a white wedding dress has gradually become popular since the traditional practices.

Today, some people do not understand the origins of the wedding, their own ingenuity, the bride's wedding dress made of pink or light blue color, to show beautiful. In fact, according to Western customs, only married women, the wedding can use pink or sky blue and other colors to show the difference between the first marriage. The development and changes of the original wedding dress, the design is not very complicated. Vertical lines skirt waist, pleated sleeves and open collar was low, as if that was a replica of popular clothing styles. Silk and satin fabrics are the main wedding. Later, the wedding style is long and ankle, before the rate cut skirt with a straight line, after the web is laden with another piece skirt mopping the floor, when the bride walked the red carpet in the church, mopping the floor skirt also slowly and over the carpet, so that the bride has angel-like grace. After the wedding style, tighten under the wide, low neckline was replaced by a dignified and high collar, multi-purpose gorgeous brocade material, collar, cuffs and skirt also laden with a lot of floral.

To the late 19th century, becoming soft texture wedding, double crepe and taffeta most brides of all ages. Early 20th century, the wedding began shorter, but also both skirts feature that allows the unique style the bride at a wedding party. Into the 1930s, popular wedding trend tight so that the bride is more charming and moving. 40's, wedding simple cut, heart-shaped neckline and long-sleeved gloves become a trend. To the 1960s, the length of the wedding dress short a lot, some even with the "miniskirt" is not much difference, linen and cotton raw materials to the most popular.

70s wedding, showing a deep sense of nostalgia, style and Xing long hem, ruffled, lace several overlapping peaks, highly decorative, with soft flesh-colored fabric-based. 90
Generations, designed to break the traditional wedding swing skirt design big turn, and draw the popular fashion design features. Tunic part of the majority; part of a cheongsam-style dress, miniskirt-style, there is a practical modular wedding, the bride to the church during the day or evening dinner guests can combine their own friends.




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