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 Requirements about choosing bridesmaid dress


The bridesmaid is the most important role in the wedding, is the bride’s personal secretary and assistant, has a very important role in the wedding. As green foil is with very important job and maid of honor, is there any requirement on the dress and dress up? What precautions need to know the bridesmaids? The following content wed114 small make up for you in detail the bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention.

Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention, the choice of clothing color.

In general, the bridesmaid dress at the request of the color, suggested that the bridesmaids to choose and similar to or choose the bride’s dress color slants shallow color, for example: cream-colored, shallow purple, pale yellow, warm pink light color fastens, etc.

Do bridesmaids must not wear black clothes or black stockings and taboo in Chinese wedding, the black is not allowed to appear in the festive wedding. Red dress also can’t choose, that is the color of the bride, even if the host is western-style wedding, the bride wearing a white dress. But can be decorated with a small area of the red bridesmaid dresses, wedding lively festive atmosphere foil.   Related: bridesmaid dress has big pay attention to wear any color.

chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention – style of choice
Decent choice to choose one shoulder bridesmaid dresses design, concise and not make public, joy with kindness, overall bridesmaid dresses to coordinated, and the bride’s dress style is given priority to with foil the bride. Action in order to facilitate the bridesmaid at the wedding, it is recommended that the choice of small formal attire style bridesmaid dresses. Tight waist A form, small formal attire of the type that wipe A bosom all can show the side of the bridesmaid elegant and charming is spruce, if can pick gown during the winter, solemn atmosphere is no disrespect.

The bridesmaid dresses can’t pick too much skin or long skirt too short dress. Too revealing dress look solemn bridesmaid not frivolous, will rob the elegance of the bride, in the eyes of the elders is not appropriate; Long skirts are too short, easy to appear in the wedding run out of embarrassment.

yellow formal dresses

Floor-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention, the choice of fabric

Cutting fabrics and details is also the focus of the bridesmaid dress, can choose elegant fancy yarn fabrics or classical romantic bud silk fabrics, etc., her elegant building materials, make a bridesmaid show or elegant or sweet or romantic temperament, let the maid of honor the overall image and easy and decent. Neither upstage the bride also shows his elegant demeanour. But the collocation of the bridesmaid jewellery shoulds not be too to show off.

one shoulder blue bridesmaid dresses

One shoulder Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention, the choice of underwear

The bridesmaid dress clothing choice, also is very be necessary to pay attention to the choice of underwear, if it is a strapless dress, should choose to invisible bra.

maternity bridesmaid dresses

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Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention, the collocation of shoes

Bridesmaid shoes and clothing collocation also is very important, buzzed around the bridesmaid at the wedding, choose a pair of low heel or flat shoes is good for the maid of honor. If used to wear shoes with high more at ordinary times, also can choose, but the bride is not tall, the maid of honor must not choose high heels. Color should be and the bridesmaid dress collocation, shoes style is simple and easy.
white formal dresses
Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention, handbag

Bridesmaid bags to choose color, the simplest method is and dress color is tie-in, overall reflect the bridesmaid low-key and elegant. Bridesmaid bags can prepare a large, large enough to hold the bride wedding day to be used more belongings, envelopes, etc.
lace formal dress
Bridesmaid dress requirements and matters needing attention, the wedding venue selection

If the wedding was held indoors, bridesmaid can choose to wear long dress, but there can be no trailing, vertical to the ankle, and the bride’s dress style to collocation, dress style not cumbersome.
lace bridesmaid dress
If is to choose the outdoor wedding, bridesmaid dress can choose the dress to the knee, style simple and easy, color also to the bride and collocation, or wedding color is tie-in.

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