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Is the most common type of silk gauze and polyethylene gauze and rayon voile. It looks very elegant. Beverage and food stains are easy to handle, but silk gauze is very bad treatment, because this kind of fabric is liquidity, besmirch is easy to spread.
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If the edge of the fabric has been damaged, to see whether the damaged parts of the size and location, is the best way to cut them, and then hide them, rather than to repair them. There is a significant problem is caused by a single thread of “standing”, and they cannot easily be hidden.
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A separate drawing can make the fabric broken a few inches, and the damage is bad repair. Because the tissue is in accordance with the conventional method in the bottom of the cut, so to be repaired and redesign is a big challenge.
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Any silk in wet after deformation, do not use towels and napkins to wipe stain. Yarn is likely to become separated, no method can remedy the separation of yarn.

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