Victoria Beckhem's charming black dress on the life or red carpet

Added 28/9/2015

It is saying that a dust dress will be more beautiful, to dress up fresh and lovely will look more nice. Look "Victoria Beckhem" Although there are petite physique, but she can use the most domineering black conquest of fashion, with black dress will tell you what is fashionable.

Long-sleeved black dress adds flowers decoration on the bottom, let the monotonous dress look more interesting.

Black perspective, in contrast to the loom have to the skin and clothes, not only show thin but also white.

Victoria Beckhem's dressing aim is conservative or wear, or to a thorough deep V reveal their exquisite curve.

The deep V front and back black dress let Beckhams 360 ° no dead ends, back and front all sexy.

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Other stars

Jolie's long-sleeved shirt dress is not too much decoration but able to exude elegance.

Olivia with a suit jacket, though they are black, but it looks more domineering.

Zoe Saldana's slim dress, drooping soft material make them look more tall.

Kim Kardashian's deep V short sleeves black dress to cover themselves too fat thighs exposing delicate ankles to make them look even more thinner.

Jessica Alba's sleeveless but wide shoulder dress with stockings and boots, it is relaxed but fashion, while more than a hint of arrogance.

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Lace used in the wedding details

Added 16/9/2015

Romantic lace is not uncommon on the wedding party, excepet the lace wedding dresses, but in other aspects of the wedding can be use of lace elements, so that the wedding has become more elegant and charming.

Lace Wedding Invitations

1. Lace wedding invitations, invitations shell is made with a laser precision cutting, delicate degree is breathtaking, and the paper is to use bud silk printing.
Lace tent

2. Lace tent, with lace curtains posted as lay on the stent, and finally fixed with flowers, romantic atmosphere is rosed spontaneously.
Lace Bouquet

3. Lace flowers, lace and bouquets combining flowers intervening in lace cloth, the feathers is also have a flavor.
Lace Table Lamp

4 Lace table lamps, it is setting this glimmering table lamps at the wedding dinner table, external cut lace shape, it is very romantic.
Lace boot name badge

5. Lace boot name badge, it would be as a return to distribute every guest, both practical and have commemorative value.
Lace Plate

6. Lace plate, it is used in the tableware, it is let the plate with lace ruffles, it will make the guests have a good mood at dinner.
Lace Wedding Cake

7. Lace wedding cake, wedding cake lace applications is not uncommon, bright flowers with romantic lace, are the first choice of weddings.
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The reason to love wedding dresses

Added 10/9/2015

In 1996, Monique Lhuillier and her husband Tom Bugbee to start to building their own wedding brand, and they are successful quickly. The fall of 2004, Britney Spears and former husband Kevin Federline got married, and they wearing Monique Lhuillier lace wedding dresses , which all of a sudden let Monique Lhuillier wedding dresses become famous. Recently. The clothin launched in 2016 spring, Monique Lhuillier’s design gives every woman one more reason to love and own beauty wedding.
This season’s Monique Lhuillier still continues designing embroidery that she goods at, handmade with every perfect wedding. The veil for every wedding is a timeless theme, which is every woman’s first choice in the selection of the wedding. Layers of skirt in Monique Lhuillier is not still like that before, It integrated into the modern concept about fashion. Designer Monique Lhuillier make every wedding dresses is no longer monotonous for all women.

Integrated into the hand-embroidered design, it gives wedding dresses noble identity. And Monique Lhuillier embroidery is not stereotyped mosaic crochet, she uses the graphically to pass romantic, with elaborately carved diamond pieces to highlight the identity. Let every piece of wedding dresses is unique.d357eac37c73b9b3b71

Skirt is the focus that every bride concerns. Fishtail skirt on behalf of the sexy, fluffy skirt is the patents for princess, wide satin hem is a symbol of elegance. This ever-changing style in this season of Monique Lhuillier are reflected, and each design exudes a distinctive atmosphere.


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